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Our doctors are what make CMC different. They provide a level of care that simply isn't available elsewhere. Need primary care? We've got that covered. Need a specialist? We've got that covered too - usually right in our own office!

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Get quick answers to those questions we all have! Appointments, prescription refills, test results, and more are covered in our FAQ.

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Specialists from all over the area have come together at CMC to provide the best medical treatment available anywhere. You can join our medical co-operative and take advantage of all we have to offer participating physicians. Contact us for more information about joining our elite team.

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Meet The CMC Doctors

Dr. Z. Michael Taweh

CMC Founder
Specialties Internal Medicine
Primary Care
Experience 20 years of Experience
Degrees MD
Work Days
3/25/2020 - 4/30/2020
M: 8:30A-3:30P
T: 8:30A-3:30P
R: 8:30A-3:30P
F: 8:30A-3:30P

Patrick Brew

Specialties Internal Medicine
Primary Care
Experience 7+ years of Experience
Degrees FNP-C
Work Days Coming Soon!


Dr. Taweh

  • Primary Care & internal medicine
  • In-office EKG
  • Medical Aesthetics
  • Botox for migraine prophylaxis
  • Mental Health and ADD treatment
  • Department of Transportation exams- pending
  • Pre-surgical clearances
  • Workers Compensation
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Holter monitoring
  • Arterial Doppler for Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • General & basic ultrasound
  • Skin biopsy/ cancer screen
  • Joints cortisone injections
  • Bladder Scanner
  • Hearing testing- audiometry and oto-acoustic emission
  • Ears irrigation
  • Cryo-therapy & warts removal
  • In-office glucose & hemoglobin testing
  • In office phlebotomy
  • IV Vitamin Drips
  • Ultrasounds, Doppler’s & Echocardiograms
  • Pulmonary function testing & spirometry
  • Hemmorhoidal treatment
  • Hemmorhoidal banding


  • Allergy Testing Bood
  • Ear Irrigation
  • Holter Cardiac
  • Spirometry Lung Fuction
  • EKG
  • Small Lesion Skin Removal
  • Tympanometer
  • Audiometer
  • ABI
  • Vision Screening
  • PT/INR Tessting
  • Lipid Testing Blood
  • Holter Monitor
  • Cryosurgery
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Urinalysis
  • Urinscreen
  • Rapid Strep Test
  • HBT Hydrogen Breath Test
  • Mononucleosis Test
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test
  • Drug Test
  • Pregnancy Test
  • HB(Hemoglobin ) Test

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How do I make an appointment? Contact our office at 203-730-2900 during office hours or go Our Formedic Page
How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment? Please allow 24 hours advance notice by calling the office at 203-730-2900.
What if I forget to cancel and miss my appointment? There is a $25 no show fee for office visits and a $50 no show fee for scheduled physicals or surgical procedures.
Do I have to pay for visit at the time of my appointment? Your co-pay is collected at the time of your appointment if your insurance plan requires it. If you do not have insurance or are having a service not covered by insurance, payment is due in full at the time of your appointment.
How do I find your office? Contact us for directions or View Our Location on a map.
How much is my co-pay? It depends on your insurance plan. Contact your insurance provider to obtain this information.
How do I select Dr. Taweh as my primary care physician? Contact your insurance provider and ask if Dr. Taweh is a participating provider and request that he be listed as your PCP.
How can I get a prescription refilled? Contact our office at 203-730-2900 and press “1” to be connected with the nurse’s prescription line. Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills.
How can I find out the results of my tests? Most tests and diagnostic studies require a follow up visit with the doctor unless the doctor specifies otherwise.
What do I do in an emergency? Call 911 for an emergency.
If you require additional help please call us during our normal business hours.


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